FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate even if I am a not-so good canoeist?

YES!!! These competitions are not reserved for the gods of the canoe world. If the name “ACA OPEN CANOE SLALOM NATIONALS AND NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS” intimidates you, say it’s a Slalom Challenge! This is an opportunity to paddle on a circuit that has challenges but does not expose you to the danger of “the deadly fall”. For the slalom competition, there are precise eddy-stops to make, a meticulous reading of the river and a certain endurance. A slalom descent is between 2 and 5 minutes of intensive paddling. Speed ​​counts, but accuracy is your biggest friend. In addition to maneuvering several times, you can see your improvement as you go along the course. Finally, you have the opportunity to learn more by watching the paddlers. Who knows, during the week practices, you might even have advice from some gods …

Can I register on-site?

No, that will not be possible. Due to the complexity of the structure, registration is requested in advance. The deadline for registration is June 25, 2017. The basic fee is $ 80. This entitles you to a t-shirt, a dinner and three (3) classes that you choose. If you want to participate in more classes, it’s $ 10 per class. The campsite is $ 40 for the duration of the event.

If you miss the deadline, fees increase by $ 30 for registration and $ 5 for additional classes. Plus, you will not be entitled to the t-shirt and dinner will not be guaranteed.

You still do not know in which classes to participate? You can subscribe to the basic registration and do not choose any class. If you want to participate in a Friday class, it is imperative to register before Thursday evenings at 8pm. The same principle is valid for other days: you must register the day before at the latest at 8pm. This can be useful for canoe tandems when you are not sure if you have a partner for the desired class. It is also possible to pay additional classes at the price of $ 15.

In which classes can I register?

You have surely noticed the large amount of classes available. But which one to choose? Let’s take a look at the different options.

COMBINED: You can only choose one (1) of the 8 possible categories. It is a combined slalom and downhill river. There are solos and tandems.

RACE: this category is perfect for very light boats. Here are some examples of RACE boats: the Spark (light version), the Echoee and the Shacho.

REC: This category includes all the canoes we know so far: Zephyr, Vertige, Nitro, Paradigm, Ocoee, Encore, Outrage, Rival, Phantom, Ovation, Caption …

Class X: your boat has a large tumblehome. This can include the L’Edge (Regular, Lite and Super Lite), Spanish Fly, BlackFly, Covert and certainly others.

Note: Some named boats may not match the named classes. There will be a weigh-in and a check of each canoe on site.

CITIZEN: This is the perfect class for our debut in this competition. Everyone is invited! Apart from those who have already won medals at NORAM!

Yes, but it’s still not clear …

So let’s make an example. For the sake of the cause, you are a 50 year old woman who does a little canoe. This is your first time in this kind of competition. We will rely on the schedule found in the SCHEDULE tab.

Here are the possibilities for Friday: there is the OC1 Women RACE or REC; and the tandem OC2 Mixed RACE or REC. In the slalom, OC1 Women Master RACE, OC1 Women Master REC and OC2 Mixed RACE.

Possibilities for Saturday: OC1 Women REC, OC1 Women 13 RACE, OC2 Youth / Senior RACE, OC1 Mixed REC, OC1 Women Citizen and OC2 Mixed Citizen.

Possibilities for Sunday: OC2 Women REC, OC1 Women RACE, OC2 Women RACE

Some of these possibilities have already been eliminated: Open categories are open to all! But this 50-year-old woman prefers to compete with women to have more chances of medals.

Now, what to choose? Don’t forget! you are entitled to a maximum of 7 classes plus one Youth / Senior.

Here is a possible choice. On Friday, she chooses the Combined OC2 Mixed REC. She found a duo partner and she has a Caption. Always on Friday, she chooses the OC1 Women Master REC because she has a Zephyr and she does not feel completely at ease in a new boat like the Echoee. On Saturday, she chooses the Youth / Senior class: it’s too much fun to go with a youngster! Then she chooses the OC1 Women Citizen class. There are still two (2) other choices left for Saturday. But she decides that it is enough, and she wants to save her strength for the next day. Finally on Sunday, she chooses OC2 Women REC. She also has a river descent to complete her combined tandem.
If she had chosen 4 classes on Saturday, there would be only two (2) possible classes on Sunday. Why? Because she has chosen a Youth / Senior class, she is ultimately entitled to 8 classes. She has 2 on Friday, 4 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. It’s logic!
So your choices are guided by the canoe you have, your degree of competitiveness, your energy and your canoe partners!
If it’s still not clear, send me an email at info@noram2017.com

What is Open 13 RACE and Open 15 RACE?

These are classes where the length of the canoe is important. The boat must be 13 ‘(or 15’ as the case may be) and more to be admitted to this category. If you have a Solo Caption, you can participate in an OC1 13 RACE class.

What is the Combined?

It is a competition where you combine the precision of the slalom and the speed of the descent. On Friday, we have the Slalom class. Two (2) slalom starts are performed. On Sunday, a downriver descent is made. This year, the descent will take place in the slalom circuit plus a part in flat water. The journey will then take place from the Start; then you have to paddle to the second bridge and back to the Finish.