We will recruit volunteers from Les Portageurs Canoe Club and Kayak Valleyfield. A committee will be set in place to coordinate all the human resources. Used to host different whitewater events, Kayak Valleyfield has an exhaustive list of volunteers which the event can count on. Required work assignment for competitors will depend on the volunteer base.

Here are the positions where we will need volunteers.

  • Data inputs to the control tent. The person must enter the results of the races manually and on a tablet. While having a look at the competition, the person will be able to grasp all the excitement of the event. Ideal for people who accompany a participant or for a person interested in this competition, but slightly intimidated!
  • Site management. The person will have to support us in the management of the site whether it is at the start, the registration booth or the parking. As a team, people can take turns to provide regular assistance.
  • Door Judges. The people will have to form teams in order to be able to take turns. The work consists of communicating the results of each participant to the control tent. The rules will be communicated at the morning meetings.

If you are interested in these positions, you can fill out the form opposite. We will contact you.

Thank you!

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